Holistapet Review – CBD Oil For Your Pets?

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Holistapet summary

They say that taking care of a dog or a cat is easier compared to raising kids. But having a dog or a cat is a lot like raising kids. You need to make sure that their shots are always up-to-date, and that you feed them the best food your money can buy.

As a pet parent, you need to make sure that your dog responds to basic commands and that it behaves appropriately whether at the dog park or at home with your family. Just like regular parents, pet owners also worry about the health and wellbeing of their beloved pets.

So there's nothing more devastating than seeing your dog or cat struggle with chronic pain or separation anxiety. Like humans, dogs and cats can be afflicted with devastating diseases such as cancer, osteoarthritis, epilepsy, diabetes, and more.

These diseases can be cured with the help of prescription medicines. But did you know that you can reinforce the positive effects of prescriptions medicines for your pets with all-natural CBD supplements from HolistaPet?

But what is CBD for pets, and how can CBD products help maintain the health of your dog or cat? What are HolistaPet's CBD products, and what are their benefits? Read on to find out more.    

Holistapet And CBD

HolistaPet offers a wide range of CBD products for dogs and cats. The company is based in Commerce, CA, but it has an online store where you can buy CBD oil and other types of CBD products for pets. HolistaPet's products are formulated to address your pet's specific needs, whether your dog or cat is suffering from anxiety, cancer, osteoarthritis, heart disease, or diabetes.

HolistaPet cares for your pet's overall wellbeing, that is why all CBD products the company offers are all-natural and organic. Their CBD products for pets also do not contain preservatives, refined sugars, dairy, or anything that might affect the health of your dog or cat.

But if you haven't tried or heard of CBD before, then now is the best time to learn more about this amazing compound.

CBD -- which is short for cannabidiol -- is a compound that is present in certain cannabis plants. This means that it can be extracted from the cannabis plant, marijuana. But that doesn't mean that marijuana is the sole source of CBD. Hemp, another cannabis plant, is also a good source of CBD. In fact, the hemp plant is the primary source of CBD because manufacturers are less likely to get into trouble with the law when they use this specific plant.

Right now, a CBD oral solution named Epidiolex is commercially available for children with certain types of epilepsy. CBD is helpful in reducing the intensity and number of seizures experienced by children with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. CBD products are also being used to provide relief from the symptoms of other diseases. These include osteoarthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, heart disease, depression, and more. 

Holistapet Dog Treats For Stress & Anxiety

Like humans, dogs are not immune to stress and anxiety. Signs of stress and anxiety in dogs include excessive barking and howling, low appetite, increased aggression, destructive behaviors, and digestive issues. The good news is your dog can overcome stress and anxiety with the help of behavioral modification and anxiety relievers.

But if you're looking for an all-natural anxiety relief that is also tasty for Fido, then try HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats for Stress and Anxiety. These all-natural and organic CBD dog biscuits are packed with CBD and other phytocannabinoids that will help calm your pooch down. 

These treats are infused with delicious and nutritious green apple and peanut butter flavors that will have your dog looking forward for more. Give it to your dog before you leave for work or when you visit the vet to help him calm down. Each pack contains 30 treats, while each biscuit contains 5 mg of potent CBD.

Holistapet Dog Treats For Joint & Mobility Care

If you have an old dog that suffers from osteoarthritis and mobility issues, then she may benefit from HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats for Joint and Mobility Care. These treats contain CBD and other good phytocannabinoids, and are specially formulated to protect your dog's joints as she grows older. These vegan dog treats feature a delicious pumpkin spice and cinnamon flavor that your dog will love.

Apart from CBD and other cannabinoids, the HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats for Joint and Mobility Care also contain nutritious active ingredients, such as turmeric root, hemp seed powder, and Boswellia. These ingredients help reduce pain and swelling, as well as protect and repair damaged tissues. Each treat contains 5 mg of powerful CBD. Ideal for older dogs.

Holistapet Dog Treats For Heart

Protect your furry best friend's heart and boost his immune system with the help of the HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats for Heart and Immune Care. Each yummy treat contains potent CBD, as well as other phytocannabinoids that facilitates the "entourage effect." Because this product has a full spectrum formulation that boosts heart health and immunity, your dog gets all the benefits of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids.

Treats are supposed to be delicious, and the HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats for Heart and Immune Care are not an exception. The treats are infused with the goodness and nutrition of blueberries, flaxseed, and hemp seed powder. Apart from protecting your dog's heart and immune system, these treats can also protect your dog's coat and skin.

Holistapet CBD pet Capsules

Apart from your pet's daily vitamins, you can improve his or her health and wellbeing with the help of HolistaPet CBD Pet Capsules. These vegan capsules contain a potent concoction of CBD and other phytocannabinoids that helps relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and reduce anxiety. Hemp seed powder is thrown in the mix for additional protein and omega fatty acids.

What's great about the HolistaPet CBD Pet Capsules is that they are available in three CBD concentrations: 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg. Choose the 150 mg variant if you have a cat or a small dog, such as a chihuahua or a bichon frise.

The 300 mg variant is ideal for medium-sized dogs, such as a bearded collie, a bull terrier, or a dalmatian. Have a great Dane or an English Mastiff? Then your good boy will need the 600 mg CBD variant. These capsules are easy to give to your pet; simply dip one in peanut butter and give it as a treat or mix it with kibble and you're good to go. 

Holistapet Tincture for cats and dogs

Whether you got your dog or cat from a legitimate breeder or you adopted a rescue from a local shelter, there's no doubt your pet is one of the most important members of your family. 

Make sure that your furbaby is always in good health and active with the help of  HolistaPet CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats. This CBD tincture is loaded with CBD plus other cannabinoids that help reduce pain, soothe your pet's anxieties, boost his immune system, and more.

This all-natural CBD tincture does not contain preservatives, additives, or gluten. It is also great for rabbits, horses, and other companion animals. 

Three sizes are available: 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg. The 150 mg bottle is ideal for small pets who weigh under 20 lbs, while the 300 mg version is great for medium-sized pets. If you own a St. Bernard or a Bernese mountain dog, then choose the 600 mg variant.

Holistapet Cbd cat treats

Unlike dogs, cats will not do your bidding even when you bribe them with tasty treats. But you can make sure that your little tyrant will be healthy and strong thanks to the HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats. Each treat contains 2 mg of full spectrum CBD.

Because the treats have a full spectrum formulation, you'll get all the goodness and nutrients of CBD and other phytocannabinoids. It contains no artificial flavors, gluten, additives, and preservatives so you know your cat is in good hands.

The CBD treats for cats have a delicious salmon flavor, and made more nutritious thanks to other ingredients, such as chicken, peas, and potato starch. Each pack of HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats contains 75 treats so you can save more money.

The Holistapet Difference

Full Spectrum CBD

HolistaPet's CBD treats, tinctures, and capsules contain not only CBD but also other good cannabinoids that enhances the "entourage effect." CBD, by itself, is a great antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties.

But with the addition of other phytocannabinoids, CBD becomes more potent and its positive effects on your pet’s health are magnified.  

Free Shipping

HolistaPet offers CBD product bundles so you can save money when ordering online. There is a CBD Cat Treat and CBD Pet Tincture bundle, as well as special bundles of cat and dog treats.

Plus, you can save on shipping fees by taking advantage of HolistaPet's free shipping. 

100% Safe And THC Free

All HolistaPet CBD products for cats and dogs are organic and does not come with ingredients that can cause allergies, such as gluten and dairy.

Plus, all CBD products by HolistaPet are 100% free from THC so your pet won't get high or behave strangely after consumption.

Lab Tested

HolistaPet products are lab-tested to make sure that each item contains the right amount of CBD and other cannabinoids.

The third-party laboratory also tests the products for impurities and harmful toxins, such as pesticides, residual solvents, and THC.


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